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Walt Disney To Open A New Production Unit In Vancouver City

The ‘House of Mouse’ will be speeding the burgeoning Vancouver’s animation industry. Walt Disney Animation Studios will open a new production house in the city. The facility will focus on series in long-form and projects exclusively for their OTT platform, Dsiney+.

Clark Spencer is working as the president of Walt Disney Animation Studios. According to him, both Burbank and Vancouver are places where we can find the world’s most brilliant technicians. He believes that the picture quality, animation, narrative, and creativity infused in the projects at both locations would reach the high benchmark of quality that the production house has set for itself.

Walt Disney to Open a New Production Unit in Vancouver City

However, the development of narrative and production design would be created in the Burbank headquarters, where the company has over 900 people working on Walt Disney projects. Feature film projects that require much larger and collective team efforts, such as Baymax and Zootopia, would be carried out at the headquarters.

Amit Nasrabadi will head the Walt Disney Animation studio in Vancouver. He has worked at Pixar Canada in Vancouver, and most recently, he was serving as vice president and General Manager for WildBrain Studios.

He is excited to join the Disney family again. He said that he could not wait to enter into the arena of animation with talented artists to take new projects for Disney+ to the next level, starting with Moana.

The Vancouver studio will be inaugurated officially in January 2022. The team building and hiring process will be started shortly in full swing. The studio will hire people in layout, studio roles, character TD, animation, general TD, special effects, look development, designing, and technology.

The office’s exact location is not revealed, but it will certainly be in the heart of the city. The studio will bring the next instalment of the series, the much-appreciated animated movie Moana which was released in 2016. The series is set to release in 2024.

Vancouver city has a Walt Disney animation studio which was functional between the years 1996 and 2000. The reopening of animation studios here is the next big step for Walt Disney as the Burbank headquarters is currently the biggest animation hub of the production house in the world.

Disney began to converge its studio operations at Burbank, its headquarters. As a result, it shut down other past production studios located at different locations, such as Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and Paris and Tokyo. They had to close these down in the early 2000s.

The Gastown district in downtown Vancouver had a Pixar Canada studio that produced Disney and Pixar’s short films.

Vancouver’s Pixar studio operated for a short span of three years, from 2010 to 2013. The studio was transferred to the headquarters in Emeryville, California. The former Pixar studio building was a 30,000 square feet marvel located at 21 Water Street. Owing to its posh location, it was acquired by Lucasfilms and started their venture, the new Industrial Light & Magic Vancouver studio.

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