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Vancouver Aquarium to Open After a Year’s Hiatus

Vancouver Aquarium is one of the iconic public places of the city besides Stanley Park. It was closed temporarily in the summer of 2020. But little did we know that it would take a year to reopen the aquarium.

This will change recently as the aquarium administration has decided to open it and has started to reassemble the staff for managing visitors.

Vancouver Aquarium to Open After a Year’s Hiatus

Vancouver Aquarium will reopen to the general public on Monday, 16th August 2021. Initially, to avoid any medical disaster in the wake of losing restrictions, the visitors would have to book their visit their time slot online. People who are 12 and over 12 years of age who have not received their vaccination would have to apply a mask at all times while on the premises of the Aquarium.

Existing and new aquarium members will be treated specially for an exclusively opening on weekends, i.e., for August 14 and 15. Entries would be based on the availability of the time slots. The aquarium will be accepting new membership applications for extending membership which was closed due to a pandemic.

Clint Wright is the Executive director of Vancouver Aquarium. He said that the entire establishment is feeling elated o serve the people again. Besides being the city’s top attraction, the aquarium is a regional leader in marine mammal rescue for 60 years.

He also reported that the establishment underwent heavy maintenance for several months while it was closed. They utilized most of this time to make the aquarium more attractive for people and comfortable for aquatic life there.

Vancouver Aquarium to Open After a Year’s Hiatus

A new Marine Mammal Rescue Exhibit has been installed on the premises that trace the endeavours made by the aquarium in the rescue and rehabilitation of aquatic life. The 4D theatre here will now show Octopus, a new movie from the Blue Planet II, part of the BBC series. Visitors will feel like diving deep into the ocean to see the enthralling life underwater.

The aquarium will now have a gift shop, Courtyard Café and Coffee Bar, the Upstream Bar and Grill for food lovers. People can take a look at the Stellar Bay exhibit and Marine Market situated outside the main entrance of the Aquarium while enjoying a scrumptious platter.

All these new additions are included because of its new owner, Herschend Enterprises. The company acquired the establishment and saved it from permanent closure in April 2021. Now the generous work presided by the aquarium’s Marine Mammal Rescue Program would not be stopped. The program treats at least 150 aquatic animals every year.

Vancouver Aquarium to Open After a Year’s Hiatus

The ownership aims to take the vision of Ocean Wise, the previous owner of the establishment, forward. It was finding it hard to run the aquarium due to high operating costs. They did not charge any fee from visitors.

Wright did not lose the opportunity to express gratitude for the love and supports of the visitors. According to him, the establishment needs their support more than ever, which is reflected through visitor’s footfall. He revealed that most of the part of the admission fee charged by the management goes into delivering animal care par excellence.

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