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Judge Slammed Wedding Photographer in Metro Vancouver

A Surrey couple who hired a photographer to take photos and video as a keepsake of their 2015 wedding ended up in court instead, suing him for not delivering on the $8,500 “platinum package” they ordered.

Kaman and Ramandeep Rai hired Aman Bal for capturing their big day on camera. But he failed to deliver the wedding photos and videos even after six years despite repeated requests. Eventually, the couple sued him for breach of contract. Because of Bal’s non-performance, they were deprived of enjoying their moments with their loved ones, especially those not present.

Judge Slammed Wedding Photographer in Metro Vancouver

The court awarded a couple of $7000 as compensation for what they would be paying to convert the raw footage into albums and videos by another photographer. A sum of $10,000 was also awarded to them for bearing the mental distress, and $5000 were paid by Bal to the couple as punitive damages.

The court noted that Bal had been sued five times between 2011 and 2019. His conduct reflects his habit of deceiving people and harassing them to the extent that they give up. He frustrates and defrauds innocent people and cause them irreparable loss.

The Surrey Provincial court judge, Valliammai Chettiar, ensured Bal would be deterred from further doing such acts and earn profits from victimising people. In her written judgement, she highlighted Bal’s furnishing inconsistent evidence and evading direct answers on the stand. His promptness in changing the narrative in his favour without any compelling evidence appeared most troubling to the court.

Bal has 15 to 20 years of experience as a professional photographer. He is known for shooting music videos, fashion shows, weddings, and other events. He has been working as a sales representative for a paint company for the last four years also. The couple didn’t pay him $3500 as he did not supply them with the final products.

The judge concluded that he appeared to be making answers in the spur of a moment. He did not give any evidence to support his claims. The court rejected his witness for being unreliable.

However, the ruling found the couple’s witness truthful and forthright because of the consistency in their statement. They did not hesitate in accepting that they have paid $5000 in advance and would have paid the rest of the amount after receiving the final product.

The court found that the couple had repeatedly sent texts to Bal over the first two and a half years. Bal would assure them of the delivery. He represented as a worker of Elite Images but was told in 2018 that he was no longer associated with them and others were working on their photos.

Judge Slammed Wedding Photographer in Metro Vancouver

He did not furnish the whereabouts of the footage or contact number of people he alleged to be working on it.

The judge also noted that the photos eventually received were blurred and not of good quality as promised by Bal as per the Platinum Package. His staff is visible in the pictures, which is clearly unprofessional.

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