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BC Vaccine Card is Slated to Be Used For Admittance in Fitness Centres and Gyms

On Tuesday, the provincial health officials of British Columbia announced that starting on September 13, the BC vaccine card will be required to access gyms and fitness centers in the region.

According to the announcement, residents looking to engage themselves in workouts and similar activities like weightlifting should secure a BC vaccine card to be allowed inside the premises of the said venues. The mandatory use of the vaccine card is expected to last until January 2022 unless otherwise provided by the provincial government.

On September 13, residents looking to access fitness centers and gyms in BC must have at least a single shot of the COVID-19 vaccine. The entire two doses of the vaccine must have been administered by October 24.

Depending on an individual’s preference, they can have a digital copy or a printed version of the BC vaccine card. However, it is still required that an individual present a government-issued photo ID and the vaccine card for verification.

Residents who have already received their COVID-19 shots but still haven’t been able to secure the BC vaccine card can still use the proof of vaccination given by their respective immunization clinics. However, this is only allowed until September 26.

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